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Jackey Lin


  •  Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified through Project Management Institute (PMI),
  • International Business Administration Program (IBAP), International Trade Institute (ITI).
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science,TamkangUniversity


  • Project Manager IPSS Inc. (Jun.2012 – July.2013)

‧  In charge of the project planning, user interview, project control and coordinating.

‐    Fulfill the user training, acceptance documents in the Digital Document System project of Taiwan Water Cooperation.

‐    Fulfill the project developing of Digital Document System for Veterans Affairs Council, and the on-site service management.

  • Project Manager of Development  – Mitac International Corp. (Nov.2010 – Mar.2012)

‧ In charge of the project management of scope, cost, schedule and quality between project kickoff and mass production.

‐ Fulfill Car-AVN development project, the first automobile AVN system of Mitac, to be the index of entering auto-infotainment business.

‐ Complete the Daimler Navigation system upgrade project, and bring new order from two more regions.

  • Project Manager – FunStream Studio, Inc. (Feb.2006 – Nov.2010)

‧ In charge of project management, the system analysis, system planning.

‐ Complete the software project of the Academia Historica. Software includes the films management, video-text message recording system and interactive PC game. The project duties are the software system planning analysis, schedule control and project closing.

‐ Established the IT environment for Panwelcome Company, including the network system, website, e-shop and MIS system. This project involved the system planning, hardware purchase, software development, installation, and staff training.

‐ Renovate the e-mail system, the e-document exchange system for ICAT Company. Increased productivity of work force by 35%, and reduced annual expenses by 50%. 

  • New Business Dept. Manager – Geniron.Com Incorporated. (Jan.2005 – Feb.2006)

‧ In charge of project management, new product management and pre-sales.

‐ Fulfilled the Automatic-Card-Issue Machine development, including market analysis, system design, schedule control and pre-sales support.

‐ Demonstrate the Automatic-Card-Issue Machine in Japan and Malaysia, and deliver the training courses to maintenance crew of partners.

‐ Sell the Automatic Safe System to Global Mall, coordinated of all implementation tasks involving third party vendors as well as provided training courses to sales clerks.

  • Sales Manager – Geniron.Com Incorporated. (Jan.2003 – Dec.2004)

‧ In charge of the account sales for the banking self-service products and service.

‧ Conduct the sales seminar to introduce the new Convenience ATMs solution to potential customers.

‐ Increase margin per unit of Passbook Printer by 250%.

‐ Increase sales value by 200% of company within two years.

‐ Sales Rank number 1 in the company in 2003; achieve 180% of sales target.

  • Operating Center Manager – Incorporated. (Nov.2000 – Dec.2002)

‧ In charge of establishment and management of the ATM’s control and monitoring center.

‧ Negotiate with vendors to structure contracts with cost-effective service.

‧ Manage the CVS-ATM program, co-work with internal sales and engineers.

‧ Coach and supervise the technical team, to make sure the product quality and project schedule.

‐ Establish a new ATMs management system, the Service-Center system, to manage more than 600 ATMs of 6 banks; which is base of banking service business of the company.

  • Supervisor/ System Engineer – MERCURIES Data Systems. (Oct.1995 – Jul.1998)

‧ Coach and supervis technical team of 4 engineers; manage technology, and production to fulfill clients’ needs and schedule.

‧ Technical Support to overseas partners, including system renovation and engineer training.

‐ Develop the ATMs software to comply with IBM-ATM system. It was the 1st IBM-ATMs emulator in Taiwan, and this emulator brings at least 4-fold sales value.

‐ Fulfill the ATM system development in China, and successfully expand the ATM business into the new market. 

  •  System Analyst – OTS Information System Company. (Nov.1993 – Nov.1994)

‧ In charge of the development and maintenance of the Automatic Voice Information System in Taiwan and Mainland China.

‐ Develop application programming tool, to simplify software developing process and increase the performance of programmers.

‐ Develop and install the first generation IVR system of Post Office

‐ Develop the IVR systems for the leading telecom companies in northeast China.



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